Prepping Your Automobile For Hot Summer Months

Understanding the importance of preparing your automobile for summer in the Arizona heat. Do not get stranded on the side of the road with an overheating engine. Prepare for the summer months in the Arizona heat. A quick inspection is Free at:

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When your car needs repairs, choosing a repair shop can be scary. You’ve probably already made years of payments on the car. So I doubt you want to spend more money than you should to get it fixed, right? I’m sure you’ve heard horror stories about people getting quoted a few hundred bucks that end up getting a bill for a few thousand instead. But do you know what’s even worst than that though? A bill that never ends. So how are you supposed to know who will fix your car right the first time (for a fair price), and who will milk you for as much money as they can get out of you? You start by reading this practical step-by-step guide (written by a veteran industry insiders).


Custom Automobile Restoration – 1972 GMC Truck

Automotive Engineering’s Auto Repair
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Automotive Engineering’s Auto Repair offers Mesa, AZ the best automobile restoration services. Our extensive knowledge in building cars, trucks and other hot-rods, will ensure that your next auto restoration project is handled properly. This video is a quick view of a 1972 GMC restoration. Complete under hood rework, converting to fuel injection, RV cam, headers. Increasing horsepower from 190 to 350 horsepower.

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Don’t Be A Dip Stick – Check Your Engine Oil

Automotive Engineering’s Auto Repair
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Automotive Engineering’s Auto Repair provides Mesa, AZ with comprehensive and affordable automotive repair service. We take pride in providing customers with solutions to prevent major repairs. This is call vehicle preventive maintenance.

In this video we will describe how & when to check your oil. One of the major problems we see on vehicles is lack of maintenance. We have seen automobiles come into the shop 4 or more quarts low on oil. Now that can be a problem considering these vehicles only hold approx 4 to 6 quarts of oil.

Please watch this video, even though it is basic. You may just be remind how important checking your automobiles engine oil really is!

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Classic Car Build – Auto Restoration & Custom Automotive

Automotive Engineering’s Auto Repair
1750 N. Rosemont #111
Mesa, AZ. 85205

This video displays a quick view of our 1950 Cadillac Rat Rod build up. This 1950 Caddy is getting a 454 Big Block Chevy with 600 horsepower. Custom electronics, fuel injected with disc brakes on all four wheels. We are using our custom car fabrication skills to build this on off 1950 Cadillac Street Rod.

Our expert automotive restoration projects are bar-none the best custom car builds in Arizona. Located in Mesa, Arizona we provide complete automotive restoration, custom hot rods, exotic cars, muscle cars and more.

Whether you need an OEM restoration on a classic automobile OR a one off custom cruiser. We can help YOU with your automotive restoration needs. Automotive Engineering’s Auto Repair has been providing customers with classic & custom automobile restoration services since 1987.

Reviews for Automotive Engineering’s Auto Repair in Mesa, AZ

Read some of our Mesa auto repair reviews

David Chapman

4 months ago
Mike was outstanding. We brought in our Honda CRV thinking we needed new rear bearings because of road noise. He suggested we try new tires before spending $800 on new bearings and even suggested a good tire store. Sure enough it worked! Most mechanics would have been happy to replace our bearings but not Mike.Finally a car mechanic we can trust.
Response from the owner 

We love Happy Customers , Thank You David .

Samantha Walker

Awesome and very knowledgeable mechanic. A true expert in foreign cars. Reasonable prices as well as very good communication throughout the process. A++++++
Mike did a tremendous job on completely bringing back to life my 1980 Triumph Tr8 fuel injected convertible. He always kept me up to date with my cars progress and I couldn’t be happier with my cars new engine. I will definitely be using Automotive Engineering to service my fuel injected Triumph Tr8.
Response from the owner 

Thank You ,Your Car Was A Fun Project.

Fred Fillmore

If you want your vehicle repairs done right the first time, and for a reasonable charge, then I’d recommend you take it to Automotive Engineering.
I have a 1999 Chev. Tahoe with over 130k miles and the air conditioning controller quit working and then a couple of weeks later the transmission went out. For both repairs Mike work was timely and the costs were reasonable, and most importantly, it was done right the first time.
I’d recommend that you take your auto repairs to Automotive Engineering!
Response from the owner 

Thank You Fred

Best Auto Repair Service in Mesa, Arizona

Looking for the right automotive repair shop can leave you spinning your wheels.  With so many places performing faulty and unnecessary repairs, it’s hard to know who to trust.  That’s why at Automotive engineering we are all about putting reliability and trust back into auto care and guarantee the best auto repair Mesa, AZ.

Automotive Engineering is a family owned business who has been repairing cars in Mesa, Arizona since 1987 and prides itself with having an A rating with the BBB.   Our Auto Repair Mechanics update their training on a monthly basis, to ensure our customers are getting the latest and greatest automotive repair available.

Need some high performance work? Automotive Engineering specializes in high performance, hot rod and race car building. Whether you need a complete chassis up rebuild OR just want to put some horsepower down. Our fabrication skills will have you on the race track in no time.

Have a Classic & Exotic Car? We also service, build and restore most foreign and domestic classic and exotic cars.

No matter the model, we can handle it. Whether you drive a new Mercedes Benz, or a 1970 Cadillac. We have the tools and knowledge to repair any vehicle you need worked on.

How to Choose an Auto Repair Shop

For years the auto repair industry has been given a bad reputation by consumers. Fraught with unethical business practices, repairmen that up-sell you, and a system designed to keep consumers in the dark, finding an ethical, honest auto repair company can sometimes feel impossible. However, the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t have to be. With a little research and perhaps a few phones calls, finding the right auto shop to repair your vehicle can be both an economical and satisfying experience.


Researching Companies: The Internet

The first step in choosing an auto shop is to start by researching companies in your area. The most obvious way to begin this task is to get on the internet and start searching using your favorite search engine. I recommend beginning your search either at a mapping service (e.g. Google Maps or Bing Maps) or at an online repository of auto shops (such as AAA). These resources can help you to narrow your search by geographic location as well as by their online rating.


Keep in mind that online reviews are generally not reliable unless they are hosted on site that curates its reviews. The amount of the reviews that a company has is just as important as what the rating is. The reason online reviews are not always reliable is three-fold. First, companies often pay people to place great reviews on sites in order to skew and improve their rating. Second, people tend to only take the time to write a review if their experience with the shop was exceptionally terrible or exceptionally excellent. Third, companies can use a variety of methods to remove poor reviews from the internet further skewing the results.


After you have generated a list of repair shops that appear to have a good reputation (and are close enough to your home) it’s time to narrow your search even further. I recommend visiting the actual shop’s website to gain a better understanding of the companies’ values and reputation. Although you can’t necessarily judge a book by its cover, the quality of a company’s website and the content on it can give you an idea of how the company does business.


Researching Companies: Word of Mouth

When looking for an honest and ethical auto repair shop, it’s a good idea to continue your search outside of the virtual world. One easy method of locating a shop is to ask your friends, neighbors, and coworkers about the shops that they do business with. If you’ve already generated a list of companies from your Internet research, you can ask your friends if they have had any experiences with them and/or if they’ve heard anything about the companies.


If you are lacking friends and family, you can also ask your employer for a recommendation. Many businesses have company vehicles that require maintenance and repair. Fleet managers will often contract with local auto repair businesses in order to ensure that their vehicles are maintained on schedule and for the best price possible. When evaluating your company’s recommendation for a repair shop it’s important to consider the length and type of relationship that your company has had with the repair shop. Obviously, if your company has been doing business exclusively with one auto shop for 20 years, there is a good chance that that shop is reliable and does a great job.


Making Contact

Hopefully by this point you’ve narrowed your list of possible auto repair shops to just a few candidates. And now, it would be a good idea to start making some phone calls to the companies on your list. Before calling the shops you should be prepared to both ask and answer questions. The goal of calling the auto repair shops is to assess the company’s level of customer service as well as their knowledge and confidence in the repairing or maintaining your specific make and model of vehicle. If you know what work needs to be performed on your car, it would be good idea to ask the shop for a verbal estimate of the price and time to complete the job. Keep in mind that some shops may be reluctant to give this information over the phone as some car repairs made require an inspection before an accurate quote can be given.


To help assess the quality of work that a shop can do, ask how many mechanics they have on staff, how many have completed formal training/education and how much experience the mechanics have. Understanding the breadth of knowledge that an auto shop has can indicate the level of quality that you might expect from the business. Furthermore, a varied crew of mechanics is more likely to do both an efficient and effective job on addressing your repair needs than a specialty shop could. A specialty shop (such as an auto body and painting shop) will be exceptionally good at one specific task but might not be very good at engine work.


Additional Shop Offerings

Another thing to consider when looking for a car repair shop is to look at the additional services that the company provides to its customers. Does the business provide rental or loaner cars to patrons? What about towing and shuttle services? Other things that differentiate one shop from another can include such offerings as: secure overnight parking (for those big repairs), a clean and friendly waiting room and a convenient location.


Establishing Trust with Your Mechanic

Even after doing all the research, there will likely still be some uncertainty that needs to be addressed prior to agreeing to repairs. When you arrive at the shop of your choice, be prepared to ask the mechanic more questions. This is one of the most important parts of choosing an auto repair shop as you can now establish a level trust with the person working on your car. Trust is probably the most important factor for choosing an auto shop.


First, the mechanic will need to inspect/test the vehicle to give you an estimate of the repair job. You should receive a written cost estimate which details exactly what work needs to be done, what parts are needed, and how long it should take. Some repairs can’t be assessed so easily and a written estimate may not be available. Once you have the estimate you need to ask the mechanic to explain the problem to you, the cause, and what options you have for dealing with it. The mechanic should explain any uncertainties that may exist prior to the work starting. A trained/experienced mechanic should have no problems answering these questions in order to gain your trust and make you feel at ease.


Finally, the last piece of trust involves receiving a warranty or service-guarantee on the labor as well as the parts. Auto repair companies that offer warranties or service guarantees use these to help build trust with the customer. No company wants to redo or correct any work they previously completed so offering a service guarantee is way to show the customer that they are confident in the work that they do. Warranties also help to put the customer at ease because they know that if any problems arise it will be taken care of.

Developing Diagnostic Strategies, Using Exhaust Gas Analysis.

Vehicle Inspection Smog/Emissions Repair Mesa, AZ

Emissions repair can be extremely exhausting. A good Technician is one that can diagnose a check engine light, considering that 90 percent of diagnosing a check engine light is emission related.

Examining strategies using 5 gas analysis. Lambda, Combustion Efficiency, Carbon Gases, CAT Efficiency and EVAP Emissions.

-Lambda is perfect air fuel ratio 14.7 parts of air to 1 part of fuel. The closer you get to Lambda, the less carbon emissions. Lambda is a great diagnostic tool, more fuel and less air means rich condition, which will cause the CO and HC gases to be high. We will discuss carbon emissions further in the article.
-Carbon monoxide or (CO), this harmful gas will usually be out of range when there is a fuel problem and the vehicle is rich, considering it is a reading of unburned fuel or raw fuel escaping the tailpipe.
-Hydrocarbons or (HC), this gas is will be seen usually with an ignition problem. HC is read in parts per million or grams per mile. It is the reading of partially burned fuel escaping the tail pipe. Both of these carbon emission gases can be easily diagnosed, using the correct procedure and checks, including your Lambda Numbers.
-Oxides of Nitrogen or (NOX), A gas that has been known to cause acid rain. NOX basically boils down to Cylinder pressure or temperature. The more pressure or heat in the cylinder the higher the NOX will be, If a cylinder exceeds 2,500 degrees the vehicle will produces excessive NOX. This can be achieved in different ways including the exhaust gas recirculation or (EGR) system.
-Catalytic Converter or (CAT) efficiency, the catalytic converter is the most important emissions component on a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. The CAT cleans the carbon emissions to virtually zero when it is 100 Percent efficient. Engineers have created an ozone preserving automotive part, which needs to be in excellent operating condition.
-Evaporation Emissions or (EVAP) one of the most complicated emission repairs, if you do not have the training and equipment. EVAP emissions pollutes the Ozone 10 times more the vehicles tailpipe because to the CAT. Evaporation Emissions is actual fuel vapor that is creating carbon gases. Gasoline is a huge carcinogen, which means it causes cancer and is very harmful, be careful gassing up your ride. The invention of the catalytic converter has significantly reduced tailpipe emissions therefore EVAP emissions is now the major contributor to carbon gases. I have experienced many different problems concerning the EVA P system and have a great skill for Evaporation system diagnosis.
Most importantly, find the proper Free Auto Repair Help to diagnose and repair harmful emissions failures. Not only will this preserve our Ozone, it will also save you money. The best way to locate a great auto mechanic is to look at their emissions work. If they are not good at diagnosing carbon emission failures and do not have a 5 gas analyzer, then they do not have the training and or equipment to diagnose a drive ability problem or check engine light. I have worked on cars all of my life and currently perform quality auto repair in mesa AZ. In this article I have examined carbon emissions and 5 Gas analysis.


Recommended Vehicle Preventative Maintenance Procedures

Recommended Vehicle Preventative Maintenance Procedures

Oil change, conventional oil, replace every 3k miles, synthetic blend at 5k and full-synthetic around 10K miles. A good full synthetic oil is beneficial to automobile motors. Change a vehicles oil at the recommended mileage, this will prevent engine sludge and oil seal problems. Oil sludge causes motor damage and oil leaks. Many of the cars diagnosed for oil leaks reveal the leak is due to not changing the oil on time. Regardless of oil change habits, vehicles may need more adjustment.

Fuel system service, advanced engineering is making the in-line fuel filter obsolete. In the instance a car has an in-line fuel filter, it should be replace roughly between 19 to 29K miles. Replacing it at the mentioned interval, will add life to the fuel pump. The filter in the tank (Not serviceable), just use some good fuel injector cleaner, this should clean the in-tank fuel filter and injectors, “two for one”. Fuel injector cleaner, does well on vehicles with an in-line filter, just make sure to replace the filter, before using the cleaner.

Cooling system service, this service is due in conjunction with the type of antifreeze the vehicle requires. Reference the vehicle owners manual for the type recommended. De x-Cool is a common type, it is rated to last up to 5 years. Again review the manuals recommended interval, for replacement.

Belts and hoses, these items, replace when needed, unless instructed otherwise, by a car analyst or vehicle diagnostic inspector. The recommended replacement by most belts & hoses manufacturers is 2 years. A quick inspection and analysis of these parts, will prove beneficial.

The Auto Repair Industry – Regular Vehicle Check Ups

The Auto repair industry in Mesa, Arizona. It should involve regular check ups and repair of vehicles to keep the vehicles engine running smooth , motorists should take their vehicles for regular service, after reaching a certain mileage. This ensures that their automobiles remain in perfect working condition.


Engine Systems, OBD Scanner & Diagnostic Auto Codes

The engine systems are quite complicated and one cannot repair it unless they are experts in this field. To begin with, an OBD scanner should be plugged into the automobile’s port to check whether engine light has been set on. All new vehicles use either OBD II systems and customized on-board diagnostic systems. These programs assists in troubleshooting certain fault codes, plus they can report malfunctions, which have been identified by the ECU or computer. The connection port is usually found around driver’s compartment, it could be under the main dashboard.

Check Fault Codes & Sensors, Possible Defective Wiring

Proceed to turn up the device and then check for any fault codes that may be present, its good to remember that codes which are linked with sensors or external wiring wont necessarily show faulty sensors. This may often cause defective wiring portfolio on the sensors, always ensure your systems are updated such that the vehicles firing potential is evenly matched.

Check Main Drive Belts – Regularly Replaced Components

Check and replace your main drive belts, these components must be replaced regularly, check for signs indicative of cracking, uneven wear or tearing. Belts may then be replaced through loosening the tension adjustment unit with a socket wrench.

Oil & Fluid Leaks Should be Regular Checks

Also look for subsidiary gaskets which may be leaking fluid, this could be indicated by drops forming underneath the engine, transmission, or carbon developing around specific oil leaks. When your automobile is leaking, whether its coolant, transmission fluid or motor oil, you could risk engine breakdown. More so when the fluid dwindles to an extent that major functions are hampered. Some gaskets which could effortlessly be changed are the oil pan, valve cover as well as transmission pan. Follow regular maintenance procedures and your car should provide many miles of trouble free service.

Transmission Repair & Services

Mesa Auto Transmission Repair & Service
Not sure what the transmission diagnostic mechanic will tell you? Are you wondering if he is telling the truth? This article is intended to briefly make the reader aware of the average transmission shop. Read More.

1. “Look at all of this metal in the pan.” What a way to sell a transmission, buyer beware. Notice when they show you the pan there is a magnet in the bottom, well this is suppose to keep the metal in the pan and out of the fluid. Some metal shavings is normal. This is why the manufacturer installed the magnet, to prevent the shavings from circulating through the transmission. Transmissions that need to be overhauled will have an outrageous amount of metal shavings and the fluid will be black.

2. “The fluid is discolored or burnt” Now this should be easy to distinguish, look at the fluid yourself.

A. Light Pink = Fluid is Good
B. Pinkish Brown = Service Soon
C. Light Brown = Service Immediately
D. Black = Fluid is Burnt

Take some of your transmission fluid and put it on a piece of white paper or card to tell the color. The service shop will do this for you remember the three colors light pink, light brown and black.

3. “Too may miles, your transmission needs to be overhauled.” This may be the case. Only you and your transmissions know where they have been. The fluid and overall performance is a great hint. Also if you tow or drive like a race car driver you may need a rebuild, beware of who is providing the work and make sure to get a second opinion if not sure.

In conclusion this article was intended for automotive education. All of the readers involved should gain insight on certain transmission shops and the way the sell their products. Please remember these guidelines when consulting an auto repair mechanic.

Affordable Brake Repair Systems

Brakes Mesa, AZ

Online Brake Repair Education – The Truth About Automobile Brake Jobs
Truth be known, 99% of automotive brake repairs will cost $120 or more. I will examine what the average full friction brake job should cost, prepare yourself in visiting an automobile brake repair shop. Read on.

“Brake full friction repair”, not only is this phrase inflated, it is misleading. You mean, we will replace only the front or rear brake pads, whichever is needed. The reality then hits you when your car is in the garage and the bill ends up costing $600 or more. Stay away from the cheap, lifetime under $100 brakes, it is never as portrayed. Most cars & trucks these days require a ceramic brake pad. The ceramics usually will cost anywhere from $60 to $120 per set, depending on the vehicle. A set is only one axle, either the front or rear brakes. Where is the labor? Basically a brake job for one axle will easily eat up $100, unless you do it yourself or your car does not require special pads which most do. The average front or rear brake pad replacement will cost anywhere from $120 to $250, unless you want extremely cheap or the wrong parts for your ride. Getting caught with your pants on the floor, paying for brake repairs that are not needed is frustrating. Educate yourself on the reality of what a quality brake replacement should cost.

In conclusion this article is intended to inform the general public on brake repair, reading quality auto repair articles will keep you from being told a low price and then being raked over the coals in the end. Automotive brake repair is in need of an honest change. You have just been Educated by a true professional who strives to help the automotive industry.

Automotive Air Conditioning Repair Mesa, Arizona

Automotive Engineering’s Auto Repair
1750 N. Rosemont #111
Mesa, AZ. 85205
(480) 833-7773

In this video Automotive Engineering’s Auto Repair will be providing quality tips to save you money on your auto ac system. Check the system entirely before making any assumptions.

Tips for better A/C system performance. Why pay $ for repairs that are NOT necessary? Performing the following checks on your automobiles air conditioning system, will allow you to save money, time and prevent unnecessary repairs on your ac components.

1. Check the condenser for blockage. (The Condenser is typically located in front of the radiator). If the condenser is plugged air will be restricted from cooling the Freon inside the ac system.

2. Make sure that the cabin air filter is NOT plugged, as that will restrict air flow from the a/c system as well. (The Cabin Air Filter is typically located under the dash/glove box).

3. Check the cooling system for low coolant. ATTENTION: Only check the radiator, when the vehicle is completely cooled off! DO NOT open your radiator when your automobile is HOT!

Tools needed for ac check:

*High side & low side pressure gauges. ATTENTION: Take caution when connecting such a tool. Your are responsible for you auto ac system and any injury or damage that may occur, due to improperly performing this procedure mention in this video.

*Ultraviolet dye is used in the system to check form leaks.
*Ultraviolet light is required for this check.

***ATTENTION: The ONE can Freon fix is typically not the answer to your problem.

Thank your for watching our tips. Mention this video for a FREE auto a/c system check at Automotive Engineering’s Auto Repair in Mesa, Arizona.

Easy ways to get better gas milage during the holidays

Tips to improve your vehicles fuel mileage daily

During the holiday season we are looking for the perfect gift ,and the best bargains. and it can get costly, so you don’t need your car to ad to the empty wallet syndrome Automotive Engineering auto repair has a few tips so you can spend less on gas so you’ll have more to spend on presents .

  1. Unpredictable gas prices can put a real anchor on holiday shopping, try and app. like Gas Buddy to save money at the pump.
  2. If your car is overloaded with stuff it makes work harder which means less gas mileage , try to watch what is loaded in your car.
  3. The slower you drive the less gas you will use, you might find driving faster than the speed limit doesn’t save you any time ,but can save big at the pump , aside from the cost of a ticket.
  4. Buy the right gas, use a top tier fuel ,This high quality gas usually from the top of the barrel with high quality detergent and additive packages . and follow vehicle recommendations for octane , using premium when your car requires regular gains you nothing.

Once a month check your tire for proper air pressure running tires a pound or two over inflated gain fuel mileage, but never under inflated , you will use more gas and it can be dangerous causing blow outs . and last but not least have a full inspection at least once a year at Automotive Engineering Auto Repair we offer this Automotive Service for free. These small tips can save big! leaving you more money for gifts , Merry Christmas.



Automotive Engineering #22 ASCS Sprint Car Win

Automotive Engineering builds the #22 ASCS 750 H.P. Sprint Car

Automotive Engineering’s Auto Repair is proud to announce their race win. This ASCS Sprint Car has over 700 Horsepower and is build right here in our shop. We take pride in building the fastest Sprint Race Car in Arizona. From the rear ends to the engine, our race car building program is stout, competitive and reliable. We also work for our sponsors and are looking to team up with someone who would like to help us win a championship next year.

Interested in Race Car Sponsorship & Advertising?

Automotive Repair Secrets – Little Known Auto Ideas

Little Known Automotive Repair Ideas

At automotive engineering, we are always about helping out with your car. Over the years we have found some tricks to help make your automotive experience more enjoyable, here are a few .

  1. Increase your cars remote range by holding it under your chin,this sounds weird, but it works much like holding your radio antenna and getting better reception , you become a long range antenna .
  2. In winter park your car facing east why? Because the sun rises in the east,so if you park facing east the suns heat will help thaw your car in the early morning
  3. rolling your windows down instead of using your a/c improves gas millage at any speed .
  4. Tired of cold food, on the run .If you have seats that have warmers put your food to be warmed in the passenger seat,turn the seat heater and it will warm your cold food .
  5. Find your car after you parked it. Their is an app for that! I use My Car Locator ,there are many others , they all will tell you exactly were your car is. It beats looking have the knight for your car in a dark parking lot
  6. Clean Your Head lights, infomercial abound with small kits over priced that will clean your head lights, the best least expensive way is in your bath room, Tooth paste will do an outstanding job, put some on a clean towel and rub it over your light and buff until your lens is clear and rinse then dry with towel . And last but not least removing your old registration sticker, witch can be very frustrating, but it can be very easy.

Wet a news paper in warm water and leave it on the sticker for about fifteen minutes then it will right off with ease If you have questions about these tip or car maintenance in general please call or stop by we will be happy to help in any way possible