Emissions Mesa, AZ

Developing Diagnostic Strategies, Using Exhaust Gas Analysis.
Emissions repair can be extremely Exhausting. A good Technician is one that can diagnose a check engine light, considering that 90 percent of diagnosing a check engine light is emission related.
Examining strategies using 5 gas analysis. Lambda, Combustion Efficiency, Carbon Gases, CAT Efficiency and EVAP Emissions.

-Lambda is perfect air fuel ratio 14.7 parts of air to 1 part of fuel. The closer you get to Lambda, the less carbon emissions. Lambda is a great diagnostic tool, more fuel and less air means rich condition, which will cause the CO and HC gases to be high. We will discuss carbon emissions further in the article.
-Combustion efficiency speaks for itself, the more efficient the combustion is, the cleaner the emissions gases are and the better the fuel mileage is. For checking combustion on your vehicle, consult an auto repair technician with the proper equipment. Carbon Gases pollute the earths atmosphere and can cause a number of Ozone problems including Acid Rain. There are three very harmful gases, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbons and Oxides of nitrogen.
-Carbon monoxide or (CO), this harmful gas will usually be out of range when there is a fuel problem and the vehicle is rich, considering it is a reading of unburned fuel or raw fuel escaping the tailpipe.
-Hydrocarbons or (HC), this gas is will be seen usually with an ignition problem. HC is read in parts per million or grams per mile. It is the reading of partially burned fuel escaping the tail pipe. Both of these carbon emission gases can be easily diagnosed, using the correct procedure and checks, including your Lambda Numbers.
-Oxides of Nitrogen or (NOX), A gas that has been known to cause acid rain. NOX basically boils down to Cylinder pressure or temperature. The more pressure or heat in the cylinder the higher the NOX will be, If a cylinder exceeds 2,500 degrees the vehicle will produces excessive NOX. This can be achieved in different ways including the exhaust gas recirculation or (EGR) system.
-Catalytic Converter or (CAT) efficiency, the catalytic converter is the most important emissions component on a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. The CAT cleans the carbon emissions to virtually zero when it is 100 Percent efficient. Engineers have created an ozone preserving automotive part, which needs to be in excellent operating condition.
-Evaporation Emissions or (EVAP) one of the most complicated emission repairs, if you do not have the training and equipment. EVAP emissions pollutes the Ozone 10 times more the vehicles tailpipe because to the CAT. Evaporation Emissions is actual fuel vapor that is creating carbon gases. Gasoline is a huge carcinogen, which means it causes cancer and is very harmful, be careful gassing up your ride. The invention of the catalytic converter has significantly reduced tailpipe emissions therefore EVAP emissions is now the major contributor to carbon gases. I have experienced many different problems concerning the EVA P system and have a great skill for Evaporation system diagnosis.
Most importantly, find the proper Free Auto Repair Help to diagnose and repair harmful emissions failures. Not only will this preserve our Ozone, it will also save you money. The best way to locate a great auto mechanic is to look at their emissions work. If they are not good at diagnosing carbon emission failures and do not have a 5 gas analyzer, then they do not have the training and or equipment to diagnose a drive ability problem or check engine light. I have worked on cars all of my life and currently perform quality auto repair in mesa AZ. In this article I have examined carbon emissions and 5 Gas analysis.