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Get your car ready for summer

  Summer vehicle maintenance  . and some key things to do before the heat goes up and so do the cars on the road. Summer also brings with it a number of road trips .Avoid troubles on your trip by following these Summer vehicle maintenance tips from Automotive Engineering auto repair  .* Check your air conditioning  before the summer heat hits to...
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Automotive Repair Shop Video’s Mesa, Arizona

Tips On Selecting An Honest Automotive Shop

Engineering – Auto Repair Mesa AZ. We Specialize in Honest Auto Repair & Car Care.

Keep your old car running

Why buy a new car ? When often you are better off  keeping  your  old car. Especially if it has been relatively trouble free . Most people do not properly maintain their cars on a yearly basis, let alone a monthly basis. If you brake down the average yearly  maintenance by the month you should spend about...
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What Your Check Engine Light Is Telling You

Check Engine Light, Or Service Engine Soon Light ,One of the most common calls we get concerns the check engine light being on , it's also the most  misunderstood , by people, and the most abuse  by the parts store chains . First the misunderstood part, when your check engine light comes on it does not mean...
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